For personnel planning with Jedox, use the powerful planning software from Freiburg for your personnel planning. Import your data directly from HRIS - completely automatically - and plan in a holistic and integrated way, including cost centres.  The Jedox UI is very similar to Excel and therefore offers great advantages for teams that have previously worked well with spreadsheets.

Personalplanung mit Jedox als Dashboard

Make full use of your Jedox licence in workforce planning

You already have a Jedox licence from the finance sector? Perfect! You don't need an additional licence to connect an HR solution. All you need to do is book a few additional users.

The same applies the other way round, of course. A Jedox licence for the HR department is sufficient to connect other departments. The Finance department in particular should be mentioned here as being particularly value-adding. We can show you more about this in our demo under the keyword "Connected and Collaborative Decision Making Platform". 

Personalanalytische Kennzahlen in der Personalplanung mit Jedox
Live Demo

HR-plänning mit Jedox

Live-Demo: This awaits you

Jedox integrated

Jedox as Single Source of Truth. Advantages, functions and possibilities. Also in the programme: connectivity and interface linking with the Jedox Integrator and internal linking of the specialist departments.

Planning example

What better way to introduce the tool? We use the Planning Wizard to outline a planning process in a few minutes that would take you days or weeks without the appropriate solution.

Parameters and simulations

Using the ready-made HR Forecasting function, we show you how you can simulate personnel planning with the help of freely configurable planning parameters and design an operational action corridor.


Together we look at the analytics and controlling dashboards and generate an HR report - tailored to the addressees. Both a deep dive into the smallest detail and a top level view are possible.


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