What makes workforce planning with Board so special? Smart interfaces and a user-friendly design - they give Board one of the best adoption rates and very little learning curve. With a little coaching, resourceful users can work intuitively with it.

Integrated HR planning with Board makes the HR team happy and finally provides the finance department with all the figures automatically. In the end, the whole company benefits.

Personalplanung mit Board in der Planungsapplikation von bdg

Data integration with Board

Data aggregation and integration with Board usually works via standardised interfaces. Alternatively, Board is also able to import data via an SQL layer, which additionally offers the functionalities of a data warehouse. From there, all data can be distributed centrally.

Personalplanung mit Board Planungsparameter Übersicht
Prefabricated planning functions

HR-Planning with Board

Live-Demo: This awaits you

Board All-in-One-Konzept

We present the xP&A concept based on Board and explain the connectivity. We assume the connection with the finance department - our demo is based on this.

Vacancy optimisation

What better way to introduce the tool? We use the features of the application to go through a planning process in a few minutes that would take you days or weeks without the appropriate solution.

Planning parameters

We show you how to use planning parameters to develop your forecasts with detailed specifications in different strategic directions.

Analytics & Reports

We look at which personnel analytical key figures the system automatically generates and how an HR report is made from them.


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